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NEW FEATURE | Move into Marketplaces with Prime Penguin

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Prime Penguin offers seamless integrations to e-commerce platforms, connecting multiple sales channels to your 3PL partners worldwide. Upon request from our clients, we are now launching integrations to Marketplaces.

Prime Penguin strives to be the Logtech (Logistics technology) partner all growth-focused e-shops deserve. We are constantly evolving to meet the new, exciting opportunities of the industry. Our mission is to bring effortless logistics to the world and our team works continuously to find new ways to add value through our platform and partner network. Which is why we are now adding a string of Marketplaces to our library of pre-integrated sales channels.  

| Why Marketplaces matter

Marketplaces are platforms where sellers come together to market their products to a curated customer base, examples are Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Marketplaces are experts at matching buyers’ needs with seller’s products and services.

Selling through a marketplace allows brands to reach a larger audience by leveraging the marketplace’s own marketing and advanced search engines. A multichannel e-commerce strategy can increase brand exposure and prove a lucrative sales medium to many e-commerce brands trying to cut through the noise online. 

| What to consider when selling through a Marketplace

Making the move to sell your products on a marketplace is not always straightforward.
Some things consider are: 

COMPLEXITYIt can be technologically complicated and costly to sync your logistic operations.

CONNECTIONMany brands express a loss of connection to the end consumers and lack access to customer data and customer care. 

CONTROLVery few solutions today allow e-shops to have a holistic view of their entire sales operations in multiple channels and several 3PL fulfillment connections.

| What Prime Penguin can do for your e-shop

Prime Penguin’s technology enables merchants to add all their sales channels at a low cost while receiving day-to-day technical support in the process. 

Our platform collects orders from all connected channels and optimizes the logistics flow in one go. With this new feature, our clients will be able to use an omnichannel strategy in a cost-efficient way with their entire order volume synced and managed in one place.

To continue to meet our client’s increased need for Marketplace integrations the team at Prime Penguin is working hard to add several connections to our library in the coming months. Watch this space! 

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