Mulligan shop

This small, but rapidly expanding e-shop was founded by the two golf nerds.
Today they have over 7000 followers on their Instagram channel @mulliganmoments which is popular for it’s frequently posted content of funny moments in golf.
Mulligan shop is based on Shopify and is fully integrated with Prime Penguin from where they have outsourced all its logistics to one of Prime Penguins professional 3PL partners.
Through a plug and play connection, the platform then gives them quick access and total digital control over their e-commerce logistics.
Experience Mulligan shop:

Prime Penguin now available for Tictail stores

Congratulations all Tictail stores out there!

Prime Penguin is now also one of the few selected partners at Tictail apps.

And of course, it’s 100% free.

Sounds interesting?

Get started by adding the app to your store and you are all set to start exploring the logistics network and smartness of Prime Penguin.

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